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Join PCLF in San Diego on July 19th for our next CEQA Community Workshop
Our sister organization, the PCL Foundation, is hosting a day long CEQA Community Workshop on Saturday, July 19 at Normal Heights Community Center in San Diego. Registration is $25 per person and includes lunch.

PCL Looks to Grow our League:
Since it was formed, the Planning and Conservation League has been just that – a league of groups working together on policies to better California's environment. We are now looking to grow, diversify and revitalize our League membership in order to be a stronger voice in the Capitol while magnifying the power of local organizations and communities. For more info, click here.

2013 Session Wrap-Up of CEQA Bills
PCL's summary of how CEQA bills fared in the 2013 legislative session.
Mark Your Calendar for PCL’s 2015 Symposium!
PCL’s next symposium will be held Saturday, February 21, 2015 at UC Davis School of Law. The event theme will be “Does Land Use Matter” and will focus on the ways in which land use simultaneously affects the environment, the economy, public health, quality of life, and social justice.

Action Alert: Your Letters Needed NOW for a Good Water Bond
In response to Governor Brown’s proposal for a scaled-down water bond released earlier this week, PCL, along with Sierra Club, League of Women Voters, Friends of the River and California Urban Streams Partnership, released a competing $6B bond proposal. We need your help in urging legislators to follow the principles outlined in our proposed version of the bond, including ensuring that the bond is truly neutral on the BDCP tunnels and that ALL Californians have access to clean water. For more information on how you can help, please visit our action alert.

Fifty Years of Results
Since its founding in 1965, PCL has succeeded in having a vision for California’s future and then acting quickly when political opportunities appear. Thanks to our generous donors, we have succeeded in protecting millions of acres of local parks, wildlife habitats, wetlands, forests, greenbelts, lakes, rivers, and other natural areas. Follow the link below for a detailed list of these projects in your neighborhood.

Southern California Stormwater Meeting
On June 13th, PCL partnered with several agencies, non-profits, and California water leaders to discuss overcoming challenges to stormwater capture in Southern California. Hosted at the headquarters of the Southern California Association of Governments, the meeting brought together multiple perspectives in order to find ways to collaborate on regulatory and permitting issues, practical obstacles, and funding strategies.

PCL on Groundwater Management: Now is the Time
Last month, PCL’s Jonas Minton weighed in at the Brown Administration’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Workshop. He discussed several critical points for developing effective groundwater legislation, including the need for public participation, environmental protection, and better integrated water management.

Drought shows need to invest in local water supplies
With Governor Jerry Brown officially declaring that California is in a drought emergency, we have a stark reminder that our current water policies put all Californians at grave risk from reduced access to clean, safe water.  Now is the time to invest wisely in a 'reduce, reuse, recycle' approach to water to create a sustainable future for the State. Read more about the drought, statewide water planning, and what you can do to help

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PCL’s Annual Environmental Symposium a Watershed Event!

On February 1st, more than 200 attendees gathered at UC Davis School of Law for PCL’s Environmental Symposium, entitled Water for Life, where we discussed breaking down barriers between sectors and working collaboratively to solve California’s water crisis.

What Governor Brown's 14-15 Budget Means for the Environment
The state budget was released early last week due to a leak of the Governor's Budget Summary. With nearly $7.6B in state funds allocated for environmental protection and natural resources, this budget reflects the Governor's priorities and will go a long way towards determining the health of our California's lands, air, waters and communities. For more info, click here.

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